Kat Connor


XO Marshmallow

​​​​​​Before opening the first ever Marshmallow Cafe in 2017, Kat was a law student making marshmallows as gifts for her friends, family, and colleagues. After graduating, and much support from everyone who tried them, Kat began experimenting with flavors and packaging. In the winter of 2015, Kat met Lindzi, whose experience in marketing and branding brought XO from concept to full-fledged business. During their first year, their business was online and present at many Chicago-area festivals and events. Due to demand from customers, Kat and Lindzi decided to open the XO Marshmallow Cafe + Wonderland in the summer of 2017! Since opening the cafe, they have expanded their team to include a pastry chef, who now handles most of the marshmallow production. Kat now focuses on testing new recipes, collaborating with other businesses, and planning XO's next steps.