Justin Bartek

International and West Coast Marketing Manager

The Halal Guys

Justin Bartek is an accomplished brand marketer who has worked with the likes of The Halal Guys, Veggie Grill, Qdoba, Baja Fresh and Warner Brothers Records in various roles throughout his career. He currently heads up the marketing marketing department at The Halal Guys, a brand that was recently voted #3 on the Top 100 Movers and Shakers for 2019 by Fast Casual.  With over 450 locations currently in development, The Halal Guys is poised to be THE restaurant brand that brings American Halal Food to the masses. 

Using his experience, expertise and connections Justin has been able to create many successful collaborations with brands like Adidas, Clark’s Originals, Halal Socks and Sony Music, artists like Risk and Gangster Doodles and photographers like Josh Sobel and Brock Fetch to elevate The Halal Guys brand worldwide. All while pushing top line sales forward using new technology and brand partners like Field Day, Tattle, Shotzr, Regime 72, Ambiance IQ and FoodBeast. 

Justin’s motto is “Be Open, Do The Work and Live Limitless”.