Dave Ponce

Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

Wings Etc. Inc.

David Poncé started his career as a high school teacher: speech, drama, debate, creative writing. He transitioned from teaching creative writers into becoming an ad agency writer/creative director, where he wrote/designed print and wrote/produced radio and TV for a diverse group of clients including franchise companies, dealer organizations and large manufacturing and consumer products packaged goods companies. Eventually, David moved from the ad agency side to the client side, working with a wide range of small to mid-sized companies: from startup franchisors in need of essential brand definition and development to established/maturing franchise companies with over 1200 units operating. David has helped franchisors and franchisees succeed on a continually-shifting marketing and advertising landscape. In his current position, he creates/manages projects for system-wide consumer marketing, franchisee/local store marketing and franchise development. He has the good fortune to work with a team of gifted in-house and freelance specialists to better-learn what Wings Etc. Grill & Pub fans want, to maintain relevance with multiple generations of fans, and to leverage emerging digital/social media technologies (David HATES that phrase, but hasn’t come up with anything that uses less words) to keep fans engaged, entertained, enthusiastic, evangelistic. Sometimes this looks like David and coworkers sitting around writing chicken puppet jokes and laughing loudly until other people scowl, audibly “huff” and move to other tables. It’s a price he’s willing to pay for the greater goal of bringing better wings, colder beer and more memorable marketing communications to an over-worked, over-stressed, over-stimulated mass of cash-paying prospects—err—valued guests. David lives in Lafayette, Indiana and will—with even the SLIGHTEST eye contact from any stranger—whip out pictures of his four gifted, brilliant children and of his five gifted, brilliant granddaughters.