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Take a deeper dive into the challenges facing the food industry

Tuesday, June 26

11:00 am–11:45 am

More Education Forums (Choose 1 of 8)

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading experts. They’ll share the recent successes and challenges their businesses have faced and deliver useful takeaways.

More Option 1: Culinary – Menus Built for Scale

As a restaurant chain grows, menu development must adjust from daily chef specials based on the latest trend to a more consistent and cost-effective strategy. Here’s how to create a scalable menu while retaining creativity.

Pat Cobe Moderator
Matt Harding
Spencer Rubin
More Option 2: Operations – Location, Location, Location: Finding and Getting the Best Deal on Great Real Estate

Methods to researching new markets that are appropriate to your brand, plus tips on selecting the right sites and negotiating with landlords.

More Option 3: Technology

It’s said that there are two types of companies: those that have had a cybersecurity breach and those that have but don’t know it. This session will look at new and time-tested ways to keep your data, transactions, employees and customers safe and secure.

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More Option 4: Marketing – Creating Loyalty in a Digital Age

Loyalty programs went digital long ago, but top brands now that a loyalty app won’t buy return traffic. In a social media world, word of mouth is your loyalty app. This session will look at the best approaches and successful case studies to build customer loyalty and repeat traffic with positive guest reviews, engagement and sentiment.

More Option 5: Expansion – Finding the Pot of Gold: New Ways to Find Funding

Whether opening new units or investing in existing restaurants, growth takes investment. This session uncovers the myriad ways operators are funding expansion and development, from asking patrons to participate in funding, to finding the right private equity partner.

Andy Wiederhorn
More Option 6: Supply Chain – Think Local

A brand built around locally sourced product can encounter obstacles when expanding to new markets. How growth chains can continue to think local.

More Option 7: Workforce – Sexual Harassment Realities in Growing Companies

New layers of management, increasing staff size and culture shifts–not to mention work in a restaurant–can lead to sexual harassment claims. This session will address how to set and enforce workplace policies.

More Option 8: Innovation Forum – Moving from Big to Small: Taking Big-chain Expertise to Emerging Brands

The attraction to emerging growth brands has never been higher. A handful of brands are stealing top talent from some of the largest national chains, with the hopes of gaining innovative approaches, the ability to successfully scale and knowledge of efficiencies to drive the bottom line. Hear from these big-to-small CEOs.

2:15 pm–3:00 pm

Education Forums (Choose 1 of 8)

More Option 1: Culinary – Balancing Health and Indulgence

Consumers say they want ever-more healthy meals, but their definition of health keeps changing. At the same time, they want to treat themselves. What does that balance look like on the menu?

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More Option 2: Operations – Increasing Throughput in a Shrinking Footprint

How to keep up with orders–much of them off-premise–in a smaller kitchen with a smaller staff.

More Option 3: Technology – Investments IRL

As new technology tools and suppliers come online, operators must evaluate the benefits before taking a risk. Here’s how to determine what’s worth it.

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More Option 4: Marketing – Strengthen Your Core

How to determine and maintain—core brand attributes, and then tell that story to consumers.

More Option 5: Expansion – So You Think You’re Ready to Franchise

This session will outline what franchisees and investors are seeking in a brand, and how to determine if pursuing franchising is an appropriate goal.

Mark Seibert Moderator
More Option 6: Supply Chain – Purchasing Power

Smaller chains don’t have the buying power of national brands, but there are ways to build strategic relationships with suppliers to will support brands as they grow.

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More Option 7: Workforce – The Care and Feeding of General Managers

Exploring how leading operators recruit and retain the most important employee in the restaurant.

Victor Fernandez
More Option 8: Innovation Forum – What I’d Do Differently

Life lessons from those who learned the hard way about the growing pains of emerging chains.

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